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6th Annual Urban Farm & Harvest Festival

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City of Alamogordo Eyes Soil Conditioner To Help Cottonwood Trees

Microscopic Partnership

Using Less Water And Growing Healthier Landscapes By Being On the Journey To Better Soil Health

1st International Humus Experts Meeting Paper

Bio-Geo-Chemical Process of Plant Nutrition and Soil Formation

Article: How to Change Dirt Into Soil!

The Science of Humus

Why Protein Crumblies?

IOS Oaks Paper

Fixing Saline and Sodic Soils

Why No Till?

Climate Change, Soil, and Mycorrhizal Fungi

Sustainable Landscaping Can Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Unraveling The Humic Acid Mystery

The Miracle of Mycorrhiza

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See our interview on New Mexico Homes, a top site for New Mexico real estate, as well as Texas real estate, California homes for sale and Albuquerque, NM real estate: Tips on Planting and Caring for Your Trees.

A Proposal For Rainwater Harvesting Gains Momentum in New Mexico!

The Toxic Brew in Our Yards – New York Yimes

Nitrogen Transfer Between Plants And Beneficial Fungi Expands 

Pictorial Essay of Big Oaks!

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Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious?

Oaks: The Circus of Quercus, California-Style!

International Oak Society

Click here: Sustainable Landscaping Can Reduce Greenhouse Gasses : Living Green Magazine

Study Proves Pesticide Exposure Linked to Bumble bee Colony Failures

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Tree Planting Guide

Tree and Shrub Care – First Season

High Desert Companion Plants Video

Hydroseeding Protocols

Soil Secrets Brochure

The Best Thing That Happened To Earth

The Big 3

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Soil Health Video – the Arboretum Tomé Open House 2014

Video Clip 1: The Dangers of RoundUp

Video Clip 2: The Dangers of RoundUp