Meet The Owners

Meet the owners of Soil Secrets LLC, Soil Secrets Worldwide LLC and Trees That Please tree farm and nursery & the Arboretum Tomé.

The Soil Secrets companies are now LLCs with members. Michael Martin Meléndrez and his wife Kari Meléndrez are the founders and principal owners of the New Mexico agri-businesses based out of Los Lunas, New Mexico.   While now separate entities, Trees That Please – A Tree Farm and Nursery, Soil Secrets LLC a manufacturer of biological soil management products and Soil Secrets Worldwide LLC – the international division are still synergistically partners.

Michael Martin Meléndrez  owns three New Mexico agri-businesses based out of Los Lunas, New Mexico.   Trees That Please – a tree farm and nursery, Soil Secrets LLC a manufacturer of biological soil management products and Soil Secrets Worldwide LLC – a global soil management company.  Michael is also the curator of a private botanical garden called the Arboretum Tomé, a site developed on toxic soil that was fixed with Michael’s science.  Today the arboretum has a huge collection Oaks of the world, many species of Redwood, Giant Timber Bamboo, Maples, etc.

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While professionally trained as a scientist of biology, physiology and chemistry at the university level, Michael prefers to be known as the son of his Father, Sam L. Meléndrez, a well known farmer and retired John Deere implement man from Las Cruces New Mexico who’s a descendent of Pablo Jose Meléndres, the founder of Las Cruces New Mexico. Michael is proud to say that his Father is his mentor and hero, who helped him start Trees That Please, and to this day claims he learned more from his Dad about soil chemistry and fertilizers than he did in college.   Soil Secrets technology is used in agriculture, mine reclamation and Brownfield reclamation globally, using materials developed by Soil Secrets that meet the benchmark of organic.  The products were developed during the restoration of the toxic soils at  the Arboretum Tomé, which started in 1986.     Today the products of Soil Secrets can also be used by home owners and are available at many nursery’s including  Trees That Please.   Michael and his technical staff have performed the only molecular analysis to a sub-atomic level ever performed on Humic Acids (performed at the National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratories)   where the definitive study of Humic Acids was performed for the first time.  Humic Acids are the most significant and essential bio-chemicals of Nature that define a healthy soil!  Michael’s research discovered  the species description of the Humic Acids, along with the molecular characteristics and the functionality of these powerful carbon substances of soil.  With this information, Soil Secrets is able to do something that no other commercial company on Earth can accomplish, which is to formulate bio-identical Humic Acids, a unique product of Soil Secrets.

Michael is a founding member of the International Oak Society, officially started in 1994 at the Morton Arboretum in Chicago Illinois, now represented by plant scientists from every continent and many nations of the world.  Michael is a popular presenter and often a Keynote speaker at conventions of science.  He’s presented for Sandia National Laboratories at the 2008 AAAS(American Association for the Advancement of Science) -SWARM Division 83rd Annual Meetings.   At the world conference of the International Oak Society in Bordeaux-France in October of 2012 and  in Mexico for the Conferencia Internacional in January of 2013.  In March of 2013 he’s at two different conferences, one in Texas, the Texas Recreational Parks Society – Texas Parks and Rec Convention and in Arizona as keynote for the 2013 Sedona/Verde Valley Spring Planting Festival.  In 2011 and 2012 Michael assisted the USDA NRCS as a member of their teaching team, educating NRCS professionals as well as producers (farmers).  Michael also represents the Southwest as the committee member for the USDA ARS Woody Plant Germplasm group.