Soil Secrets LLC

Trees That Please Nursery is the parent company of Soil Secrets LLC and functions as the master distributor. For over two decades Trees That Please Nursery has administered the Soil Secrets protocol exclusively in their tree production system.

Soil Secrets LLC manufactures products which improve soil health. Products are available for both industrial projects and homeowner use. The Soil Secrets protocol is based on Mycorrhizal fungi and Humic substances.

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Why are the products of Soil Secrets the best choice for Home & Garden application?

  • We first focus on improving soil health, by adding Humic Acids and beneficial soil microorganisms.  The research is clear that only a healthy soil can grow a healthy plant and that includes soil on farms, sports fields, golf courses and even your yard.  The objective of our products is to improve the total fitness of your soil by improving the beneficial microbiology that plants need.  Unlike fertilizers (NPK) based on in-organic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, our nutrient program will continue to support the fitness of your soil, while also providing the nutrients needed by your plants.
  • Soil Secrets partnered with Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, to measure and determine the viability of the active ingredients in our soil building products.  For example, Humic Acids are the powerful carbon chemicals of nature which are essential for a healthy and productive soil.
  • We view the relationship that plants have with soil as similar to that which humans have with our food.  If we eat poor quality junk food that is lacking or low in essential vitamins and minerals, then we can expect to have poor health.  The same is true with plants and soil, in that soil must what’s needed so that good nutrition is available to growing plants. We are what we eat – the same is true about plants.
  • It’s a simple equation – Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy People.